Honda Campus All-Star Challenge

Talented trivia buffs, historians, sports afficionados, book worms, science and math specialists and just "know-it-alls" are encouraged to sign up in the Office of the Administrative & Financial Operations/Center for Institutional Diversity on the 3rd floor of the Student Center to qualify for an all expense paid trip and an opportunity to make "Friends for Life" at the National Championship Tournament.




Gary B. Crosby
Phone 601-979-0523
Fax 601-979-1805
Lori J. Stewart
Associate Director for Campus Life and Coordinator for Pageants and Productions
Phone 601-979-2329
Fax 601-979-8244
Tinna Holt
Assistant Director Leadership Programs
Phone 601-979-3309
Fax 601-979-1805
Coordintor of Student Involvement / Office Manager
Phone 601-979-3308
Fax 601-979-8244




All-Star Brochure


The mission is to encourage Jackson State University students to participate in the HCASC for competition against the sixty-four HBCUs at the National Championship Tournament.

1. To recruit student participation in the program for team registration.

2. To coordinate team registration and participation in campus competitions.

3. To train team members for preparation for pre-national and national competitions.

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Phone: 601-979-2241   •   Fax: 601-979-8244   •   JSU Division of Student Life   •   P.O. Box 17350 Jackson, MS 39217